Dilopond Pond and Landscape http://www.dilopond.com At Dilopond pond and landscaping, we specialize in ponds, koi ponds, water gardens, pond and outdoor lighting. en-us Pond Myths Exposed!!! http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/52/Pond_Myths_Exposed!!!.html <p>This article is to explain and expose a few basic pond myths:</p><p>There is this uneducated myth that gravel and stones on the floor of an ornamental pond is some how benefical. This is beyond an uneducated assessment of real science. I remove anywhere from 5-20 yards of river stone from ponds every season, these are ponds that i inherit. EVERY single customer has supported this idea after seeing the postive effect of the removal of stone. Every one!!</p><p>Let me explain:</p><p>Organic debris or properly known as "detritus" falls and settles on the pond floor.</p><p>This material is dead algae, uneaten fish food, fish feces, dead plant matter, general sediment from runoff, etc. Basically any material that wants to decompose. Via gravity, this material works its way into the gravel. This material now becomes "anaerobic" or "non-oxygenated" or without oxygen. I will explain why..</p><p>For the gravel to house and colonize nitrifying bacteria there "MUST BE MOVING WATER DIRECTLY PASSING THREW THE GRAVEL AT ALL TIMES" I believe its 15 ml per gallon of water per hour must physically pass straight threw the bio-media (the gravel in this case) to maintain bacteria growth. This is not happening now is it. The water is taken from the pond via the surface and returned via the surface and the gravel is left stagnant. Beneficial bacteria does not exist in this zone of the pond. At all...only disgusting layers of muck and putrid smelling material will occur. Dangerous bacteria known as psedomonas and aeromonas bacteria will grow in the gravel due to low levels of oxygen. This bacteria will eat fish. Also the gravel is a great place for fish parasites to breed and live. Which also eat fish. Once we removed the gravel and throughly cleaned the pond, with a pond vac like a professional, my new customers where astounded by my acurate assessment of the pond and how I transformed it into something truly amazing. These customers will attest in great detail that gravel removal is correct. Why do these "hacks", as i call them, install gravel? Ill explain..</p><p>1) Gravel justifies more cost. The gravel is cost, the machine time is cost and labor to shovel it in is cost. All of which is to be profitable to the pond company.</p><p>2) They are generally unethical. These "hacks" could care less about fish health or being actually educated, but rather run there mouths about foolish idiotic myths, just to sound smart and make a sale.&nbsp;</p><p>3) They are just taught ignorantly and improperly. Period.</p><p>4)"Gravel protects the liner from UV radiation" More contractor ignorance! EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is completely UV resistant. Completely!! &nbsp;Firestone will tell you this. These liners have sat on roof tops for decades without degrading. Also UV is refracted and deflected by the water column. Hence zero effect to EPDM. Zero!</p><p>5) It looks great! Wrong, all stones will be covered by a algae patina or slime growth of some kind hence covering the appearance of the stones and losing sight of them. The fish look amazing over the black liner popping their colors to the viewer plus giving the pond an undetectable depth of the water. Sorry but not one customer has ever complained about the look and all have agreed it looks better without the gravel on the bottom.</p><p>Our second myth: UV Light harms and kills beneficial bacteria: I guess this industry knows nothing about beneficial bacteria, so i will educate..</p><p>UV kills what passes threw it, nitriying bacteria is stable. It does not ambiently float freely in the water column to pass threw the light, its stationary on rocks in streambeds, in a viable real bio filter, even in the plumbing and in the pump but always clinging to a media source that provides a home for it to thrive but always it is stable. So it doesnt move threw the light to be killed. Ever. &nbsp;Also the flow rate on UV to kill bacteria is very slow moving, the UV has to have all water volume going threw the light at least every 3 hrs. to kill plankton algae. To kill bacteria, the flow rate must be much slower, hence not functioning to kill algae. So in turn any bacteria they may escape and float in front of the light will not be effected by it as it is moving too fast.</p><p>PLEASE NOTE!!!</p><p>All information I have mentioned above is not a myth or made up, these are real scientific facts. And they are undeniably true. I would gladly debate these topics with any so called pond experts. I have 22 yrs in the industry. Thats alot of years.vI respect the fish and the customer too much to tell such frabrications of the truth. These "HACKS" as I call them have taken over. Like an epidemic of con artists. And they are everywhere and only growing. They have polluted my industry with lies and stories. Their work is faulty, leaky ponds, terrible looking rushed stone work, and thoughtless consideration and classless business practices. I am not asking but telling.. "I want the "hacks" to get out my industry!!!' Please leave!! Leave honest trusting homeowners alone, stop wasting their finances on your slip shod work ethics and mythical sales pitches. Leave real pond building to the very few real pros that care and take their time to do things right and most of all... scientific.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> 2017-08-17 Aug. 17, 2017 Armonk, westchester NY garden pond http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/21/Armonk,_westchester_NY_garden_pond.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Putnam County NY pond design http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/22/Putnam_County_NY_pond_design.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Westchester NY, Koi http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/23/Westchester_NY,_Koi.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Cascading Waterfall http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/24/Cascading_Waterfall.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Chappaqua Ny, Koi Pond http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/25/Chappaqua_Ny,_Koi_Pond.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Coffee chases fish http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/26/Coffee_chases_fish.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Crystal water in westchester http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/27/Crystal_water_in_westchester.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Feeding Fish http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/28/Feeding_Fish.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Filter Pads in Bio Falls http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/29/Filter_Pads_in_Bio_Falls.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Gorgeous Koi in Chappaqua http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/30/Gorgeous_Koi_in_Chappaqua.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Gorgeuos Koi in chappaqua http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/31/Gorgeuos_Koi_in_chappaqua.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Highland NY, Ulster county Ponds http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/32/Highland_NY,_Ulster_county_Ponds.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Hudson Valley NY, Koi Ponds http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/33/Hudson_Valley_NY,_Koi_Ponds.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Hudson Valley Water Gardens 2 http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/34/Hudson_Valley_Water_Gardens_2.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Indoor Pond NY http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/35/Indoor_Pond_NY.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Koi feeding frenzy Dutchess cty. http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/36/Koi_feeding_frenzy_Dutchess_cty..html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Koi in the rain http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/37/Koi_in_the_rain.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Koi in Westchester NY http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/38/Koi_in_Westchester_NY.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017 Koi pond very clear,NY http://www.dilopond.com/pond_landscape_news/39/Koi_pond_very_clear,NY.html 2017-04-04 Apr. 04, 2017